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The Nova Scotia Woodlot Owners and Operators Association is committed to being your best source for information and advice about the sustainable management of the Acadian Forest. We do not offer silviculture or harvesting services; our interest is only in the protection and enhancement of the native forest ecosystems of Nova Scotia.

Forest management is a complex activity. Current forest conditions, markets, soils, an owner’s personal goals, tax planning and many other factors influence which management activities should be considered in any stand of trees. Thankfully, there are many opportunities to learn more about forest management and to connect with landowners and forest professional who can offer good advice.

Information about programs and events offered by NSWOOA, the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources, and other organizations that support woodland owners, can be found here.

Woodland Owner Mentorship Program Field Day- November 7th, 2015

Come join us this Saturday, November 7 for our Woodlot Mentorship Field Day, at Castle Frederick Farms, Falmouth, Hants Co. from 10am to 2:30pm

As the bright fall colours of the Acadian forest slowly begin to fade, we'll take a walk through history, see an Acadian Holy Well, and experience eight generations worth of family forestry on the Bremnar family farm and 1500 acre woodlot bordering the beautiful Avon River. Topics discussed will include, integrated resource management, woodlot recreation, roads and trails, and succession planning.

This free event is part of a woodlot mentorship program creating opportunities for family forest owners to learn from each other, and give experienced owners a chance to share their knowledge. The program is a partnership between the Federation of Nova Scotia Woodland Owners, Mersey Tobeatic Research Institute, and the Nova Scotia Woodland Owners and Operators association, and is funded by the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources.

For more information, or to reserve a place, contact the Federation of Nova Scotia Woodland Owners and John MacDougall at (902) 483-0271 or email: john@fnswo.ca

Group explores woodlot service area in western Nova Scotia

The Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources is promoting the development of new regional service areas to improve small woodlot owners' access to forest management services.

The Cape Breton Privateland Partnership, a three-year pilot funded by NSDNR and other governmental entities tocoordinate the activities of landowner groups and service providers on Cape Breton, was the first to get started.

Recently, several partners have been meeting to develop a business plan for a possible service area in western Nova Scotia. You are invited to learn more about the effort at aseries of meetings throughout the seven western counties.

The first will be held Thursday, Oct. 8, in Carleton. For the full schedule, click here.

Tours of Otter Ponds Demonstration Forest

Otter Ponds Demonstration Forest highlights the philosophy, science, and practice of uneven-aged management in the Acadian Forest. It produces timber for market using the best forest practices presently known, while protecting wildlife habitat and the Tangier River watershed, respecting the ecosystem services provided by the parcel, and enhancing the social and cultural value of the forest. Management practices are certified to the Forest Stewardship Council’s Maritime Standard.

Woodlot owners, elementary and high school groups, university students and researchers, and other groups are invited to visit Otter Ponds to see an outstanding example of working forestland. Contact Andy Kekacs, project manager, at 902-817-4763 or andy.nswooa@gmail.com

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